Wedding Bells Ringing — Actress Han Eu Ddeum to Tie the Knot!

In a surprising turn of events, renowned actress Han Eu Ddeum has announced her upcoming nuptials!

On May 9, Han Eu Ddeum’s agency, SUBLIME, confirmed the joyous news. The actress is set to marry her non-celebrity boyfriend in a private ceremony on May 12.

The agency shared, “The groom-to-be, a non-celebrity, and Han Eu Ddeum will pledge their lifelong commitment to each other, rooted in deep love and trust.”

Han Eu Ddeum, celebrated for her compelling performances, has won hearts in popular dramas like ‘Righteous Love’, ‘Nevertheless’, and ‘Celebrity’.

Her nuanced portrayals and versatile acting skills have cemented her place in the industry.

As the news broke, fans and fellow actors alike have been pouring in their heartfelt congratulations to the couple.

The wedding, expected to be a low-key affair, has nonetheless created a buzz in the entertainment world.



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