NCT’s Mark & aespa’s Winter Spotted Shooting for ‘Polo’ — Viral Photos Capture Fans’ Attention

In an exciting development, NCT’s Mark and aespa’s Winter were recently spotted shooting for the esteemed fashion brand ‘Polo’.

On May 9, candid photos of Mark and Winter, posing near the water for ‘Polo’, surfaced online and instantly went viral.

The unexpected pairing of these two popular idols as models for the brand sparked curiosity among fans and netizens alike, leaving many wondering about the purpose of the shoot.

Netizens were quick to share their reactions, with comments ranging from, “What is this? A Polo event,” to “Is this a photoshoot? It’s a Polo event, and they’re ambassadors.” Fans couldn’t help but gush over Mark’s stunning visuals and Winter’s ethereal beauty, with one netizen stating, “Wow, Mark’s looks make my heart flutter. Winter is really pretty too.”

Others noted the unique yet similar aura shared by the two idols, with comments like, “They have a unique but similar aura. I get why Polo picked them,” and “I feel like 2 worlds are meeting.”

As we await further details about this intriguing collaboration, take a moment to check out the viral photos of Mark and Winter below.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!



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