Netizens can’t get over how giant TXT’s Yeonjun while standing next to TWICE’s Jihyo

TXT‘s Yeonjun created a buzz with his impressive height when he stood alongside TWICE‘s Jihyo on the show ‘Inkigayo‘.

A snapshot has been circulating online, capturing the moment TXT‘s Yeonjun and TWICE‘s Jihyo appeared side by side during a recent episode of SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘.

The significant height difference between Yeonjun and Jihyo, which at first glance seemed unremarkable, surprised many people.

Online users who came across the picture shared their thoughts:

“I can’t help but feel my heart race.”

“Yeonjun’s body proportions are truly impressive, and Jihyo looks stunning as well.”

“Both of them are incredibly adorable, beautiful, and handsome.”

“Yeonjun’s appearance and his overall physique are exceptionally attractive.”

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