“That looks really painful!” — A recent video of ITZY’s Lia raises concern for the artist’s health

ITZY‘s Lia worried her fans when she didn’t look well at a recent event where they met with their supporters.

After a meet-up with fans, many fans got worried about Lia from ITZY because she seemed sick.

On a website where people talk, one person made a post called “Lia from ITZY didn’t seem well.

In the post, this person shared videos and pictures that showed Lia moving her neck and looking lost on the stage during the event.

One of the videos had words that said, “So i just finished watching the whole fansign yesterday and Lia really did her best to make it fun and enjoyable for midzy cause throughout the event Lia was not feeling well at al 😭😭.”

Also, some pictures taken after the event showed the other ITZY members without Lia. This made some people think Lia might have left early to rest or get help for her pain.

People who use the website left comments:

“That looks like a common problem where the neck discs get hurt TTTT.”

“Oh, I know that kind of pain very well.”

“Many female idols have had neck disc problems TTTT.”

“She should see a doctor for the right treatment.”

“I feel so sorry for her TT.”

“Oh no, she has a disc problem? That must hurt a lot TTT.”

“Oh dear, that looks really painful!”

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