Stray Kids “Saves the Day” —  Fans Avoid Jail Thanks to Their Moves!

Stray Kids makes Stays stay outta jail 🤣🤣🤣”

We’ve heard of K-Pop dance cover groups causing a bit of a stir in public places before. It’s not uncommon for them to draw attention and sometimes even cause disruptions, especially in crowded areas where bystanders might accidentally get in the way.

But it’s not every day that dancing to K-Pop lands you in a run-in with the cops. Yet, that’s exactly what happened to one TikTok user who was simply trying to film a cover of a Stray Kids dance!

The TikToker, @theonlykxtana, known for sharing videos of K-Pop and J-Pop raps and dances, found themselves in a rather unexpected situation.

While filming a dance cover of “LALALALA” during the night, the presence of some police officers made things a bit tense.

The cops seemed suspicious of the duo’s late-night dance session and demanded proof of their innocent intentions.

So, what did they do? They had to bust out their best moves right then and there to prove they were just filming a harmless dance cover!

Thankfully, their impressive dancing skills not only convinced the police that they were up to no mischief but also possibly gained them some new fans in the process.

The video quickly became a sensation on @theonlykxtana‘s TikTok, racking up views and likes like nobody’s business. And rightly so – it’s an unbelievable tale!

The comments section is buzzing with reactions, with many noting that it’s the kind of situation Stray Kids themselves would find amusing!

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