Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Criticizes Current Idols for Being “Lazy”

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany recently shared her thoughts about the current state of the K-pop industry and the work ethic of idols these days.

Appearing as a special guest on the May 19 episode of ‘Radio Star,’ Tiffany discussed her experiences promoting with the Girls’ Generation members for their 15th anniversary.

She shared, “I went to a music program broadcast for the first time in a while. We would dance diligently and work hard even though the camera was far away because we wanted to stand out even if we were dancing in the back of the stage.”

However, Tiffany noticed a stark contrast in the work ethic of current idols. She explained, “But these days, there’s something called individual fancam recording, so maybe that’s why idols are so lax (lazy). So when I saw it, I thought, ‘These kids are rehearsing so lazily’ and ‘Why are they doing it so half-heartedly?’”

Tiffany further elaborated on the importance of rehearsals, stating, “So I thought they were just doing sound check but then when you do sound checks, you need to make sure the breathing and positions are all correct…”

Reflecting on her observations, Tiffany shared her thoughts on how an idol should be on stage. She explained, “There were a lot of new things I experienced and thought (idols) were more lax. But you know? There’s a saying ‘First time, last time, every time’” and emphasized that she believes an artist should give their best in all moments, even if it’s a rehearsal.



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