“I feel sick!” — BIBI Spills About Her Unusual Reaction to Kissing

In a recent episode of Shin Dong Yeop‘s YouTube series, “Zzan Bro,” singer BIBI spilled the beans on the unexpected side effects of locking lips. When asked about any drinking habits, she shared a rather intriguing tale.

“I got body aches after my first kiss. After that, I avoided kissing for a long time. But when I finally did kiss again and visited my grandma’s house, my tonsils started acting up, and the body aches came back. It seemed like every time I kissed someone, I ended up with body aches,” BIBI revealed.

Her grandpa came to the rescue with some strong liquor, 60 proof, which she reluctantly gulped down due to her inflamed throat. Surprisingly, after downing it, her body aches vanished into thin air.

Shin Dong Yeop couldn’t help but tease, suggesting that perhaps BIBI‘s kissing habit was the cause of her ailments.

BIBI responded with a witty comeback, saying, “I know, right? Supposed to keep going, but all I did was kiss.”

Aside from her kissing escapades, BIBI also shared some thoughts on her concert antics, including distributing condoms.

“In our country, anything slightly erotic is considered progressive, while warm and innocent things are seen as conservative. My parents are warm-hearted, but they can be a bit spicy too, you know? I wasn’t conceived through fertility treatment; I was a honeymoon baby,” she quipped.

Furthermore, BIBI confessed that she’s currently experiencing the happiest moments of her life.

“I’ve never been happier than I am now. From birth until I turned 26, I never knew this level of happiness. It makes me wonder if it’s even allowed to feel this happy. Now, I’m even considering having children,” she shared.

Don’t miss out on the full episode below to catch all the candid conversations!

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