BABYMONSTER Wows Fans with MR-Removed Live Performance of “SHEESH”

“Who needs lip-syncing when you’ve got talent like this?”

In a K-Pop era where live vocals are under the microscope, it’s the perfect time for artists with killer vocals to step up and shine.

This is especially true for fourth and fifth-gen groups, and BABYMONSTER is quickly proving they’ve got the chops!

The group had a bit of a bumpy start, debuting in November 2023 with “Batter Up”, which didn’t even get promoted on music shows.

But since their sort of “re-debut” with Ahyeon, their reputation has been on the rise as fans discover the members’ talents, likely thanks to their extensive training.

Recently, the members hit up a radio show to promote “SHEESH” with a live performance.

Not only did they drop the video of the performance, but they also shared their own “MR-removed” clip on their official YouTube account. The members sing completely without backing in this video, showing off their impressive vocal skills.

Here’s a snippet of just the singing part of the video.

Korean netizens are all over this performance, with many calling for a full version of the “MR-removed” song.

“Everyone’s so good!” “They seem to be the top of 5th gen skills.” “What the, give me the full version.” “Everyone is so good, I want the full version lol.” “The blonde girl is really good.” “They all have great vocalizations, so they don’t seem to feel anxious when they sing.” “Everyone’s good at singing, but Asa’s rap is crazy…” “They’re really good, I’m impressed.” “Give me the full version YG!!!” “Ah, they should go to Coachella, they’re good.”

International fans are also chiming in, impressed with the members’ talents and YG Entertainment’s strategy of showcasing their artists’ singing abilities at a time when many other groups are facing criticism.

BABYMONSTER is definitely a rookie K-Pop group to watch!



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