Netizens say RIIZE’s Sohee changed the visual standard for SM Entertainment male idols

The new group RIIZE is getting a lot of attention since SM Entertainment started to show them in public. All the members are becoming popular because they look really good, even though they’re new.

One member, Sohee, is getting noticed a lot for how he looks. Some people on the internet are saying that Sohee looks different from the others, and they’re surprised that he has fans.

Recently, someone online talked about how Sohee is changing the way people think about good looks for male idols from SM Entertainment.

They said that usually, all the idols from SM Entertainment have a certain look, but Sohee‘s looks are not the same, and it seems like SM Entertainment is not doing a good job anymore.

Other people online joined the conversation and said things like:

“He doesn’t look that bad. You all are just being mean. I really like his eyes.”

“I can’t believe he has fans.”

“Are you saying people have fan sites just for him?”

“SM doesn’t always pick the most attractive people. When the trainee is incredibly skilled, like this guy is, they don’t always care about the face.”

“SM Entertainment is not doing well.”

“SM Entertainment must not be doing a good job anymore.”

“He looks cute and might look better with a new hairdo.”

“Since he looks like Mark, it’s clear that he’s an SM type, lol.”

“Is SM Entertainment going to explain or do something? People are going to keep making these posts about him.”

“How did they fix his teeth? Did he get fake teeth?”

“I’m a girl, and I think I look better than him.”

“Even after he showed everyone how good he was at singing, people still come to him for his looks? SM isn’t just about looks; they also have singers.”

“He’s going to have a tough 10 years ahead of him.”

“Maybe he’s the main singer or something. If he can sing well, maybe he’ll be popular for about 5 years… I hope.”

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