“Even lightsticks are off” — Rain received a strangely cold response from the audience during his performance at LA

Singer Rain faced an uncomfortable situation during his performance at K-CON LA.

At a recent event called K-CON in Los Angeles, singer Rain was there to perform. He danced, sang, and showed his strong body by not wearing a shirt.

Surprisingly, the audience didn’t cheer or show support like they usually do. Some people even turned off their lightsticks to show they didn’t like Rain.

One person online guessed this might be because the idol groups Rain takes care of often break up or don’t do well.

They said, “Some people turned off their lightsticks because Rain starts groups with the idea of helping them, but then he leaves the group and doesn’t take responsibility. That’s why fans don’t like him.”

To explain, Rain is known for helping the idol group MBLAQ in 2009. But in 2014, two members, Thunder and Lee Joon, left the group.

Fans got angry when they found the trophies MBLAQ won were being sold. The agency didn’t manage the group well after the two members left, and MBLAQ stopped performing soon after.

Recently, four members of another group Rain managed, called Ciipher, left the group. These members are Tan, Tag, Dohwan, and Won.

The other three Ciipher members might do their own things or form a new group, but it’s not clear yet. Rain‘s poor management of all these groups is giving him a bad reputation.

Some people who were at K-CON LA and saw what happened during Rain‘s performance talked about it online.



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