“Mask Girl” rookie actress Lee Han Byul shoots her first ever magazine spread: “I’m really nervous”

Rookie actress Lee Han Byul, who starred in Netflix‘s show “Mask Girl,” has shown her face in a fashion magazine.

The magazine Harper‘s BAZAAR recently shared photos of Lee Han Byul, who played Kim Mo Mi in the Netflix drama “Mask Girl.

In an interview after the photoshoot, Lee Han Byul talked about her feelings. She said, “I’m really nervous because it’s my first time doing these things.

She also added, “I’m even more nervous than when I was acting in ‘Mask Girl.’ I’m worried about making mistakes since I’m not confident in my speaking. Talking about myself and my work is important, so I’m trying my best.

Lee Han Byul explained that she didn’t study acting, and it wasn’t until her late 20s that she decided to become an actress.

She started by acting in short films. She went through several auditions, and she spent four months auditioning before meeting director Kim Yong Hoon.

When asked why she was chosen for “Mask Girl,” she said, “Mo Mi, the character I played, couldn’t achieve her dream because of things she couldn’t control. So she wears a mask and appears on TV. The director saw a connection between my life and Mo Mi’s desires, which is why I was cast.

In the Netflix series “Mask Girl, Lee Han Byul played Kim Mo Mi, a character who wanted to be famous but couldn’t because of her appearance insecurities.

You can read and see more about Lee Han Byul in the September issue of Harper‘s BAZAAR magazine.



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