SBS Security Guard reportedly apologized to Red Velvet’s Joy for the shouting incident, but fans doubt Joy got the apology

A situation involving an SBS employee using informal language and shouting towards Red Velvet‘s Joy has sparked controversy.

Recently, an online community shared a video of Joy on her way to work at SBS headquarters for the recording of ‘Animal Farm.’ In the video, Joy was spotted interacting with her fans.

During this interaction, an SBS staff member loudly said, “Please make way,” “Please enter quickly,” “I told you to enter,” and “Step back.” Joy appeared uncertain in response and adjusted her movements.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed that the employee’s remarks were directed at Joy, rumors suggest that both Joy and her fans were taken aback by the staff member’s abrupt behavior.

Later, the staff member emerged to explain that their actions were driven by safety concerns and offered an apology. However, a netizen known as A, who was present at the scene, disclosed, “Another security guard later apologized for the previous one’s shouting and expressed regret for the incident. We don’t know if Joy received the apology.”

A went on to elaborate, saying, “That guard requested that I step outside briefly to allow other vehicles to leave. After the cars departed, fans re-entered to take photos with Joy. During this time, Joy approached the fans, and as they entered, the guard told the fans to move aside and urged Joy to enter quickly.

A concluded by stating, “Fans are not upset because they were unable to see Joy. Their disappointment stems from the fact that they came to interact with fans as part of their usual routine but encountered loud shouting and informal language without any explanation.”

Online users are expressing diverse viewpoints, such as:

“Even though the security guard might have been worried about safety and had a reason to step in, using rude language is very upsetting.”

“If the guard had to clear the way for a car, wouldn’t they be responsible if something went wrong?”

“From the sound in the film, it sounds like a car was leaving. Even though I understand why the security guard was upset for a moment because it was their job and the situation could have been dangerous, the yelling was too much.”

“The tone used is rather unsettling.”

On a separate note, in April, Joy temporarily suspended her activities due to health issues but made her return as an MC for ‘TV Animal Farm’ in June, a couple of months later.



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