Kim Yoo Jung is totally owning her natural shoulder and collarbone line, and she’s not shy about it

Actress Kim Yoo Jung flaunts her natural shoulder line and shares her swelling management routine.

On May 4th, Allure Korea dropped a video titled ‘Everyday is a reason, a collection of Kim Yoo Jung’s best styles ever! The best HemeCo picked by Kim Yoo Jung?‘ and fans are loving it.

In the video, Kim Yoo Jung gets real about her character styling in her works. When asked about her most common makeup-related comment.

She revealed, “When I’m shooting a drama, I often have to start at dawn. So, I usually find myself saying things like, ‘I’m a bit swollen today’, or ‘I’m not swollen today?'”. She also shared that she often takes steps to reduce any swelling.

Kim Yoo Jung, who is known for her frequent sauna visits to manage swelling, also spilled the beans on another secret – gua sha massage.

She explained, “I often use gua sha to loosen up my neck muscles, hands, and feet. I also do massages that press the blood spots. And before I step out, I always make sure to do some aerobic exercise.”

Talking about her outfit in the drama ‘My Demon‘, Kim Yoo Jung said, “It’s a dress I personally picked and chose. The overall accessories, hair styling, and makeup were just perfect that day.”

She also revealed, “Actually, I was born with a shoulder and collarbone line. Over time, I’ve come to enjoy upper body exercises, so it’s well toned.”



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