Netizens’ jaws drop at NMIXX member Sullyoon’s perfect physique in low-rise jeans

A set of captivating pictures featuring NMIXX‘s Sullyoon has recently set the internet abuzz.

These images surfaced on a popular online message board under the title, ‘Witness Sullyoon’s Impeccable Hip Line – It’s Perfection!

The photo compilation showcased Sullyoon in form-fitting outfits, leaving many envious of her flawless hip line and slender physique.

Netizens expressed their thoughts with various comments:

“How can she possess such a perfect combination of traits? She’s truly a one-in-a-thousand idol.”

“Though her lower body might not be to everyone’s taste, there’s no denying Sullyoon’s striking hip line.”

“Sullyoon’s hip line is undeniably captivating.”

“From her radiant face to her alluring hips, Sullyoon exudes charm.”

“It’s like she’s a rare gem, a once-in-a-lifetime idol.”

“Her beauty, talent in singing and dancing, and a supportive family – she’s truly blessed by the heavens.”

“If only she had a more compelling personality to engage her audience fully. I hope she becomes more at ease in the spotlight – no hate intended.”



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