“Feeling herself” — HyunA tops her own viral performance with this year’s sexy style for “Water Bomb Festival” in Japan

HyunA showcased her enchanting allure at the ‘Water Bomb Festival Japan 2023,’ which took place in Nagoya on July 22.

With confidence, she graced the stage and delivered a mesmerizing 30-minute performance, featuring popular tracks such as “I’m Not Cool” and “Lip & Hip.”

Dressed in a trendy short skirt and top, HyunA‘s fashion choices caught everyone’s eye, especially the unique strap-layered design she incorporated into her skirt.

Her devoted fans were quick to shower her with compliments, expressing their admiration:

“HyunA being true to herself.”

“Once again, she delivers a performance for the ages.”

“Finally, she’s getting the recognition she truly deserves.”

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