TWICE Jeongyeon is Offically A “Head-Turner” At Recent Samsung Event

This outfit is AMAZING.

Jeongyeon of TWICE is without a doubt a beautiful and skilled queen. Fans have had mixed views about some of the star’s outfits over the years, though.

After her health-related break in 2021, the star probably got a new body type because of the medicine she was taking. Everyone loves the way she looks, but not all of her clothes have shown off her beauty.

One issue is that her clothes didn’t always fit right or look good on her, and they didn’t always match the rest of the group.

Thankfully, Jeongyeon‘s clothes have been more often than not beautiful as of late. Fans liked the ones that TWICE showed off in Los Angeles on their Ready to Be world tour, like this purple one.

Fans are now excited about the new look.

The Galaxy Unpacked 2023 event took place on July 26 at COEX in Gangnam, Seoul. Jang Wonyoung from IVE, Suga from BTS, and Stray Kids all came to the event.

Jeongyeon was also there, and many people liked how she looked. The star wore a business suit that made him look like a CEO and was still stylish.

The suit had a slit that showed a little bit of her waist, giving Jeongyeon’s outfit a fun feel.

Fans couldn’t help but compliment her looks and post about it online.



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