“LOL, as it turns out…” GOT7’s Jackson Wang Was Caught Working At A “7-Eleven” Convenience Store

Jackson Wang from GOT7 seems to be everywhere these days. From going to Coachella in 2023…

…to the plans of his Magic Man world tour…

Fans don’t always understand how he fits everything into his schedule, like when he went to a Mac Cosmetics event in China.

Fans were most confused by the last time they saw him, when he was working at a 7-Eleven.

Jackson is in Thailand between tour dates to attend events for his ambassadorships.

After the Nescafe and C2 Water events, the star went to a special fan meeting for the phone brand OnePlus.

Just a few days later, as part of his work with C2 Water, Jackson and other stars volunteered to help clean water pipes in a nearby town. Fans liked the artist’s music and thought he looked great.

On July 26, pictures and videos of Jackson dressed as a 7-Eleven worker and working were posted online. This confused fans at first.

As it turns out, the official 7/11 Thailand Twitter account tweeted about Jackson‘s new job, showing that it was likely a special event for a future promotion with the company as one of its brand champions!

Jackson always goes above and beyond for his ambassadorships, but this one really takes the cake.



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