“Unnie is everyone’s supportive friend” aespa’s Giselle is getting a lot of attention for how she acted when a fan’s boyfriend broke up with her

Giselle will always tell the truth.

Giselle from aespa is known not only for her good looks and ability, but also for how funny and real she is.

She often makes fans LOL, sometimes on purpose and sometimes by accident, like when she ran into THE BOYZ’s Q at the “2022 KBS Song Festival” and when she accidentally did an aegyo at the 76th Cannes Film Festival.

A fan spilled the beans about the star’s connection during a video call, and the star’s response got a lot of attention.


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In the past, stars have “gotten the tea” from their fans, like when NCT‘s Ten told a fan who was thinking about getting back together with her boyfriend that she needed to stay away.

During one of aespa’s video call events, a fan talking to Giselle brought up her ex-boyfriend by saying that she had met him at a previous event and introduced him to the star.

Giselle was excited, as if she knew she was going to get hot tea.

Giselle is shocked when the fan says again and again that she broke up with him. She wants to know why. The fan keeps talking, though, and says that she dyed her hair afterward, which made Giselle praise her.

Giselle listens carefully as the fan says that they broke up because he was impatient and didn’t care about how she felt.

Giselle tells her, “Good job,” and gives her a thumbs up after she says that the fan stopped the relationship.

Fans couldn’t help but laugh at Giselle‘s reply, which was so normal, and they talked about how much they loved the funny idol.



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