“Wow, It’s extravagant” BLACKPINK’s Jennie accecories alone worn at Cannes costs more than 40 Million Won or 1.6 Million Pesos

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is making waves with the prices of her dresses at the Cannes International Film Festival.

The recent episode of “Too Much Talker,” which aired on IHQ’s official YouTube channel ‘Babayo’ on May 26th, featured an in-depth analysis of Jennie’s standout moments at the prestigious film festival.

Jennie attended the red carpet event and after-party for the premiere of the American HBO drama ‘The Idol‘ on May 22nd, as part of the 76th Cannes International Film Festival.

During the episode, Hwang Young-jin raised the question, “Did she conquer Cannes with three dresses? Is that really true?” In response, journalist Choi Jung-ah explained, “For the world premiere screening, Jennie chose to wear a luxurious dress from brand C. It was her personal choice to lower the mesh part that wraps around the shoulders, creating an elegant off-shoulder style.”

The price of the eye-catching black hairband from brand C, worn by Jennie, is reported to be approximately 1.17 million won.

Additionally, she adorned three rings worth around 36 million won. Her shoes were estimated to be in the range of 10 million won.

However, the exact price of the dress Jennie wore remains unknown. Choi Jung Ah commented, “Excluding the dress, the accessories alone cost over 40 million won, which truly showcases her affinity for ultra-luxurious fashion. The subsequent after-party also generated significant attention.”

Journalist Choi further remarked on Jennie’s choice of a casual outfit, stating, “The skirt was notably revealing, with a one-piece dress that accentuated her thighs. Jennie received praise for effortlessly pulling off the look in her unique style.”

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie continues to captivate audiences with her fashion choices, leaving a lasting impression at the Cannes International Film Festival.



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