“This is really hillarious!” Fans Want To Try BLACKPINK Rosé’s New Hobby…Until They See The Price Tag

She alone can do this!

Rosé of BLACKPINK recently did a “Emoji Interview” with ELLE Korea. In this interview, she talked about her recent life events using emojis.

She said that her new favorite thing to do is take pictures with her new camera.

But taking pictures isn’t just a hobby for her. With this camera, she gets pictures that are truly beautiful.

No matter what, this camera will take pictures that look like they were taken by a pro.”Rosé

She loves taking pictures with it, no matter who she’s with.

“I only have to bring this camera with me. Take pictures of my friends and the people who work for me.”Rosé

It’s pretty funny that the camera she uses looks exactly like the camera image!

She brought it out to show everyone how beautiful the high-end camera is. It looks so good that she wears it as a piece of jewelry.

Fans were interested in buying the camera because it made a nice sound when it clicked and made every picture look good.

But if you’re not really into photography, you might not want to: The FujiFilm X-Pro3 can be bought for about $2,000 USD!



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