“This is so shocking” aespa’s NingNing has revealed the unbelievable amount of rest the group gets before a comeback

Fans were shocked by the number.

People used to look at the life of a hero through rose-colored glasses, but when artists talk about their lives in interviews and live streams, it shows how hard it is.

NingNing from aespa recently got a lot of attention when she shocked fans by saying how little sleep the group got during their comeback.

aespa has been advertising their new album, MY WORLD, which came out in September. Given how busy their schedules are with shows, signings, and other appearances, it’s amazing that the members always seem happy.

NingNing said in a recent interview that the group is working so hard that it is even affecting their sleep.

During an interview with Karina, the youngest member of aespa said, “I think we only slept about 4 or 5 hours all together last week.”

When they said they hadn’t slept in days, even the reporter seemed surprised. He had to add, “Last week?” to explain what NingNing had just said. 4-5 hours in a week?,” to which both members of aespa agreed.

Given how many schedules they’ve had, including the interview, it wasn’t surprising that the host of the show couldn’t stop praising the stars. Karina explained that it was because of the pre-recorded broadcasts.

Wow, you guys are really cool… experts in their fields.

Most famous people would have given up, but the way NingNing and Karina looked at their plans showed how professional they were and how much they wanted to keep going.

NingNing: But now I kind of like this feeling, the feeling that you’ve gone crazy.

Karina: But it’s true. It kinda feels like we’re flying.

A Korean fan shared the video with a short description of what it was about and how strong NingNing’s explanation was.

They said that during the whole week, they only slept 4–5 hours.

Ningning, however, is a strong woman.

She says that she likes that feeling, the feeling that you’ve gone crazy…

Most of the comments under the tweet were in Korean, but some fans from other countries who could understand the clip couldn’t hide their worry for the members.

It’s not unusual for stars to not get much sleep during comebacks, but aespa seems to have too much money for how much work they do.

Even though it’s not unusual for K-Pop stars to have tight and busy schedules, it seems unfair that the members don’t get enough time to rest when they have to do hard and tiring things.



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