“Handsome with a good heart” Kim Woo Bin’s treatment of the cast and crew of the South Korean drama “Black Knight” has attracted attention

All of it was put on Instagram so everyone could see it.

Kim Woo Bin has always been one of Korea’s most popular stars. Kim Woo Bin never fails to make fans swoon with his unbelievable talent, beautiful looks, and unbeatable charm.

But lately, the star has been getting more attention for being kind.

At the beginning of the month, Kim Woo Bin got a lot of attention when a young model talked about his bad experiences in the business.

The actor seems to be getting attention again for his real and honest nature, but this time for how he treats his co-stars.

The new TV show Black Knight is Kim Woo Bin‘s most recent work. The show takes place in a bleak future where air pollution is so bad that only a group of deliverymen called the Black Knights can keep people alive.

Kim Woo Bin plays the main character, “5-8,” in the show. He is known for his unbelievable acting and stunning sights.

Aside from being a good actor, Kim Woo Bin is known for how he treats the other people in the show.

The star has been posting photos and videos from the set of the show on Instagram. Kim Woo Bin, in particular, has shared pictures of his co-stars from the show.

He makes sure that every time he posts something, he gives credit to everyone who is in the show or on his Instagram.

Kim Woo Bin not only praised the team in the comment, but he also wrote the names of all the characters and made sure to tag the Instagram accounts of the stars who played them.

Even though it’s not always possible to tag everyone in the pictures, Kim Woo Bin shared photos with some of the supporting cast and made sure to tag them.

For many people, it was one of the only ways to spot the actors from the show. It also showed how much Kim Woo Bin appreciated them while they were filming.

Kim Woo Bin shared more pictures of the staff and crew he worked with on May 16 (KST).

In addition to thanking them in the caption, the post has a lot of Korean words that are all the names of the people in the pictures.

Kim Woo Bin made sure to thank everyone who was in the show, no matter how big or small their part was.

Netizens couldn’t get enough of how thankful Kim Woo Bin was and how strong he was as a leader.

Kim Woo Bin is a big star who has been in the business for over ten years, but he always wants to show how much he loves the hard work of his younger colleagues.

After everything he’s been through, Kim Woo Bin could just stay out of sight, do his job, and leave. Still, he tries to get along with the people around him.



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