Netizens are outraged after learning about the humiliation and replacement of actor Kim Soo Hyun on “Boys Over Flowers”

He was made to look bad in front of the other players.

Fans are shocked to hear that one of Korea’s best stars, Kim Soo Hyun, was fired from the famous drama Boys Over Flowers.

On May 16, a post called Kim Soo Hyun Was Replaced While Reading for Boys Over Flowers” went popular. In the post, the writer put up a few pictures from a reading session with the actors of the drama.

Fans were surprised, though, to see a young Kim Soo Hyun reading at the table with the other stars.

During the reading, the actor was yelled at by the director, and another actor finally took his place. You can find the translations for the comments below.

“The Boys Over Flowers reading was a lot of fun!”

“Oh…” (Kim Soo Hyun shows up). In front of the director, the writer, and the players… After reading and learning the script on his own with Koo Hye Sun, he is now acting it out.”

“All of a sudden, the director scolds Kim Soo Hyun and tells him he’s doing it wrong…. The director warns the player not to be too eager…”

“Kim Soo Hyun looks a little surprised and stiff….”
“After hearing the director scold him, the players around him laughed… F@ck. Soo Hyunnie is frozen… ㅠ_ㅠ”
“Kim Soo Hyun is given another chance to act, but… The director didn’t seem to like how he acted.”
“In the end, Jung Eui Chul was chosen for the part.”

Soo Hyun was changed in the end, and she left. Oh my… (The Japanese caption says: The part was not given to the new actor.)

When Netizens saw the post, they tried to comfort the star. Many people were shocked by how the director made Kim Soo Hyun look bad in front of the other players.

“The director doesn’t know how to spot good actors. Why is he making him feel bad? Even if he was going to replace him, he should have done it in a kind way. Why does he say bad things about the actor?”
“If that had been me, I’d have been so upset, LOL. I have a weak mind…”
“Wow, he even read the plot with other actors, but he must have been so scared. I think they are mean to new stars and actors who aren’t known yet.”
“It hurts my heart.”
“Every time I see this, it hurts my heart. Couldn’t he have found a better way to replace the actor? Is there a reason why he put him down in this way?”

“The best talent there is probably Kim Soo Hyun, LOL.”

“Why would you put someone else in his place on the reading set? There’s too much of this.”

Kim Soo Hyun is now one of the best actors in Korea, so it looks like the director really didn’t know how to spot ability.



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