“What’s your name?” EXO’s D.O awkward moment with young fan goes viral on social media

Global idol and multi-talented actor Do Kyungsoo, renowned as a member of the popular group EXO, recently experienced an amusing yet embarrassing incident during a fan signing event held near an elementary school.

The special episode of SBS’s “Mathematics-Free Mathematics Journey,” also known as “Math Journey,” aired on May 11th, featuring Do Kyungsoo alongside artists Crush and Lee Yong Jin.

The trio organized the fan signing event at a playground adjacent to an elementary school, creating an exciting atmosphere for fans and students alike.

Despite the star-studded presence, the young students displayed a lukewarm response during the event. Sensing the tepid atmosphere, Do Kyungsoo politely raised a question, “As a celebrity, is it alright if we give autographs?”

Little did he know that this innocent interaction would lead to an unexpected moment of embarrassment.

In the midst of receiving an autograph, one nervous student asked Do Kyungsoo, “What’s your name?” The question caught the idol off guard, momentarily taking him by surprise.

With a touch of bittersweetness, Do Kyungsoo replied, “If you mention EXO to your mother, she’ll know who I am,” struggling to conceal his mixed emotions.

However, the situation quickly took a turn as the student’s mother arrived to pick up her child, immediately recognizing the popular idol and exclaiming with joy, “Oh, it’s Do Kyungsoo!” This instant recognition restored Do Kyungsoo‘s honor and diffused the tension.

The broadcast of this sitcom-like scene swiftly captivated the attention of netizens across various social media platforms.

In response to the incident, online users shared their diverse and lively reactions. Some netizens noted, “We live in an era where even parents of EXO fans are aware of the group’s members,” emphasizing the widespread popularity and impact of EXO.

Others playfully commented, “Even our own moms might not recognize Do Kyungsoo by name, but mention EXO, and they instantly know him,” shedding light on the fascinating dynamics of fandom recognition.

Certain individuals couldn’t help but make humorous observations, remarking, “The elementary school students might be younger than EXO‘s iconic song ‘Growl‘,” underscoring the enduring popularity and timeless appeal of the group’s music.

Additionally, netizens appreciated the genuine and authentic moment when the student’s mother casually addressed Do Kyungsoo by his real name, solidifying the deep connection between fans and their beloved idols.

For those eager to witness the eventful guerrilla fan signing, the episode featuring Do Kyungsoo‘s Math Journey can be enjoyed on SBS’s official platform.

Fans and viewers eagerly anticipate more delightful and unforgettable moments with this talented artist in the future.



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