BTS Suga’s Witty Comments on Jimin’s Solo Album “Face” Spark Laughter Among Netizens

Suga showed off his exceptional chemistry.

On March 28th, a video titled “[Soochita] EP.7 SUGA with Jimin” was uploaded to “BANGTANTV.”

Jimin, who recently released his first solo album “Face,” talked about the album with Suga.

First, Suga, who saw the physical album, jokingly said, “Why is there so much skin exposure these days? As you get older, you show more skin,” and Jimin said, “I take off my clothes once in the music video.”

However, Suga was surprised and said, “Isn’t that a little too much? I can understand it to some extent in ‘No More Dream,’ but…”

Suga revealed behind-the-scenes stories of Jimin‘s solo album, saying, “I watched Jimin going crazy in real-time, wondering whether to do it or not,” while Jimin left a review saying, “The process of writing lyrics, recording, and deciding on the concept was more difficult than making the song itself.

Suga said, “There are too many things I want to do well. It’s Park Jimin’s first album, so I felt like I couldn’t make good choices because I wanted to do everything so well.”



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