“I hate fighting with my bestfriend”Shin Ye Eun discusses personal life and career choices in recent interview

Korean actress Shin Ye Eun showed a cold attitude towards dating, not necessarily marriage, during a recent interview video released by a magazine on the 21st.

During a balance game, Shin Ye Eun was asked a “tough” question from the first round, where she was asked to choose between “exposure of personal life” and “exposure as a way of life.”

She asked, “How much exposure are we talking about?” and when it was suggested “underwear level,” she chose “exposure of personal life.”

When asked to choose between “going on stage without hair or without makeup,” she answered, “Without makeup. The difference with hair is significant. Although there is also a big difference with makeup, I think the atmosphere that can be created with hair is greater.”

She chose “Show Me the Money” over “SooBaekHyang,” saying, “I can rap a little, and I can practice my pronunciation. I don’t mind doing SooBaekHyang.”

When asked to choose between “fighting with a best friend” and “fighting with a lover,” Shin Ye Eun said, “I hate fighting with a best friend more. If you’re not going to get married, isn’t the relationship going to end someday anyway? I spoke too coldly,” and apologized.

When asked to choose between “hearing cheers of ‘You’re amazing, Ye-eun’ no matter what she does” and “being indifferent no matter what she does,” she said, “I prefer being indifferent. I’m the type of person who feels a little burdened when praised or receiving any attention.”

She chose “earning 5 million won per month as an office worker” over “earning 2 million won per month as an unemployed person,” saying, “I am the type of person who gains strength in life by moving my body and working.”

She hesitated between “having an enemy in a household with 10 billion won” and “having an ideal type with 10 billion won in debt” before saying, “I would date someone with 10 billion won in debt. It’s not like I have to pay back the 10 billion won. If we have to pay it back together, I would still like to date my ideal type.”

When asked to choose between “being able to become 20 years younger when she wants to” and “receiving 1 billion won right now,” Shin Ye Eun said, “Please give me 1 billion won right now. I will manage it and try to have an appropriate match for my age at that time.”

Finally, when asked to choose between “an opportunity to do what she wants the most” and “an opportunity to avoid the most painful thing,” Shin Ye Eun said, “I would choose an opportunity to avoid the most painful thing. I think even if I do what I want to do, there will be hardships and complaints. Wouldn’t it be better to avoid the painful things?”



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