BTS Jungkook’s Emotional Live Broadcast on Weverse Draws Attention and Dominates Social Media Trends

On March 14th, BTS‘s Jungkook drew attention with a heartfelt ending during his three-hour live broadcast on the official app Weverse.

On the evening of March 14th, Jungkook started the live broadcast via Weverse at around 9 p.m.

During the live broadcast from Part 1 to Part 4, Jungkook changed his outfit three times and sang songs for ARMY while enjoying communication with his fans.

While Jungkook was conducting the live broadcast, members RM and J-Hope communicated with ARMY by leaving various comments.

In particular, RM encouraged album activities by saying, “Hurry up and release the album.”

As Jungkook enjoyed communication with ARMY for a while, he started wiping tears while looking at the screen filled with purple heart comments sent by fans during the end of Part 3.

After wiping tears several times while staring at the screen in silence, he said, “As I told you at the Thank You event, I will go all the way until I can reach all of you.”

He continued, “Everyone, be happy even without us. I can’t usually say these kinds of things. Apo-bang-po (ARMY Forever, BTS Forever).”

After Jungkook‘s emotional live broadcast, keywords related to him such as #JUNGKOOK #APOBANGPO #Jungkook Live #Our Jungkook #Jeongmuhengal (Jungkook’s emotional broadcast) dominated the real-time trends on Twitter in South Korea.

Fans who watched Jungkook’s live broadcast left various comments on SNS such as “Jungkook, always be happy. I love you”, “Don’t cry, Jeongmuhengal Apo-bang-po”, “We hope all the love and support in the world will reach our Jungkook”, “Thanks to you, Jungkook, my teenage years were filled with BTS, and I gained the courage to live my life,” and “I’m happy just because you are Jungkook. Let’s stay together till the end.”

On that day, Jungkook‘s live broadcast video attracted the attention of over 10 million simultaneous viewers.

A representative from Big Hit Music said in a call with Sports Korea regarding the hidden meaning behind Jungkook‘s words, “It seems to represent the current situation where individual activities are being carried out due to the inability to engage in group activities. Emotions seemed to have become rich during the conversation with ARMY.”

When asked about Jungkook‘s enlistment plan for the year, the representative replied, “It seems that Jin, a BTS member who is already serving in the military, and J-Hope, who has applied for postponement of enlistment, are currently the only ones.”



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