“The Glory” Viewers Are Falling in Love With Actor Park Sung Hoon’s “Idol Visual” in Youthful Photos From His Theater Days

Park Sung Hoon, who is currently gaining popularity for his role as Jeon Jae Jun in the Netflix series ‘The Glory,‘ has caught the attention of netizens for his handsome looks back when he was active as a theater actor.

A netizen posted several photos of Park Sung Hoon on an online community forum, where he looked youthful and attractive while preparing for his performances, interacting with fans after his shows, and performing on stage.

Netizens commented on his photos, admiring his good looks and expressing their love for the actor. Some netizens even compared him to idols, and others wished to see him perform on stage again.

Despite his current success as an actor, Park Sung Hoon‘s past as a theater actor has been revealed, and it seems that he has been capturing hearts with his charming visuals for a long time.

Netizens’ comments:

“Wow, he’s legendary Park Sung Hoon that I had only heard of…”

“He looks handsome like an idol.”

“Please stand on stage one more time!”

“He used to look so kind…”

“I love this!”

“Please film a lot of dramas.”

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