Taeyeon’s Resignation Letter Photo Sparks Speculation About Agency Transfer

They left a profound post.

On March 13th, Taeyeon shared a scene from the drama ‘The Glory‘ on her Instagram. In this scene, the character Park Yeon Jin (played by Lim Ji Yeon) who is a weathercaster in the drama, submits a resignation letter to the broadcasting station after being accused of murder. Instead of writing Park Yeon Jin‘s name, Taeyeon wrote her own name.

On March 11th, Taeyeon also expressed her fan sentiment for ‘The Glory‘ by posting a picture mimicking Park Yeon-jin’s expression with the caption “Yeonjin-ah, take it easy” and other posts.

There are various speculations about the picture of Taeyeon‘s resignation letter. Some suggest that it implies a transfer to a new agency.

Last month on the 16th, Taeyeon gained attention for her SNS post that appeared to criticize her agency, SM Entertainment‘s management dispute.

At that time, she shared a scene from the movie ‘A Hard Day,’ which included actor Ryu Seung-beom sarcastically saying, “Everyone works really hard, everyone lives really hard.”

Meanwhile, the takeover war between Kakao and HYBE over SM’s management rights ended with Kakao’s victory.

HYBE announced on March 12th that it would halt the SM acquisition process. HYBE explained that due to the competitive structure with Kakao and Kakao Entertainment, the market was showing signs of overheating, and this could have a negative impact on HYBE’s shareholder value.

A HYBE official said, “We judged that the competition structure has become more intense due to the additional public purchase of Kakao and Kakao Entertainment, and even the stock market is showing signs of overheating, the price range we need to offer for the acquisition of SM has exceeded the appropriate range.”



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