“I’m a victim myself” — Actor Kang Ji Seob clarifies his stance on allegations being a member of JMS cult

Actor Kang Ji Seob has addressed suspicions that he is a member of JMS (Christian Gospel Mission) by stating that he has already left the organization and sends his deep condolences to all those who have suffered.

On March 12, Kang Ji Seob posted a lengthy explanation on Instagram about the JMS suspicions, saying, “I am writing this post with the hope that no more victims will be created.”

Kang Ji Seob explained, “I once went to a place with a sincere heart to pray during a difficult time, thinking it was a typical place, but I felt a sense of alienation from my religious beliefs and left before realizing that such a heinous act had occurred.”

He added, “After learning about their evil deeds, I hoped that those who were with me with pure hearts would not be harmed and worried about them. I send my deepest condolences to all those who have suffered once again.”

Kang Ji Seob also said, “As a victim myself, I deeply empathize with them and hope that there will be no more pain. If my small ability can be a source of comfort to the victims, I will do my best to help them“.

Regarding recent allegations that he is a member of JMS, Kang Ji Seob‘s management agency Yool also confirmed that he left the organization four to five years ago, saying, “There were situations that looked strange in his religious activities, so he left. He has no relationship with them now.”

Recently, the Netflix original documentary “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal” about the crimes of various religious groups and their leaders has sparked controversy.

Kang Ji Seob has been implicated as a JMS member in online communities and social media, but he denies it.



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