Lee Byung Hun and wife Lee Min Jung stun netizens with their appearance at a fashion show in the US

Lee Min Jung, the wife of Korean actor Lee Byung Hun, recently posted behind-the-scenes photos of a fashion show they attended together in West Hollywood, California on her Instagram.

The photos showed the couple looking affectionate and posing against the background of the fashion show venue. Lee Min Jung, who usually wears light makeup, showed off her curves in a low-cut one-piece dress and impressed netizens with her stunning appearance.

Netizens were moved by the couple’s appearance and commented on the post, with some praising their good looks and others expressing concern over the revealing outfit. Some were also excited to see Lee Byung Hun, as it had been a while since he appeared in a photo.

Overall, the couple’s appearance at the fashion show created quite a buzz among netizens, who couldn’t help but admire their beauty and love for each other.

Other reactions included:

“They look absolutely stunning! Love seeing them together.”

“Wow, Lee Min Jung looks gorgeous in that dress. But it’s a bit too revealing for my taste.”

“It’s so nice to see Lee Byung Hun again. I’ve missed him!”

“This couple is just goals. They look so in love.”

Lee Min Jung‘s makeup is on point! She looks flawless.”

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