“No way” — Irony strikes as director of anti-bullying drama “The Glory” accused of school bullying

A netizen claimed that Ahn Gil Ho, the director of ‘The Glory,’ bullied him during their middle school years around 1996 when the director was a high school senior in the Philippines.

According to the allegation, Ahn Gil Ho, who was dating a middle schooler at the time, asked his friends to bring the netizen and his friends to him and physically assaulted them for making fun of his girlfriend.

However, some Korean netizens believe that Ahn Gil Ho‘s action was not bullying but justifiable retaliation since the netizen had insulted his girlfriend first.

Netizens commented:

“I don’t think it’s bullying if he was only fighting back for his girlfriend.”

“Is it ironic that the director of a drama about bullying is accused of being a bully himself?”

“This doesn’t seem like bullying. It was a one-time incident to teach someone a lesson.”

“The ‘victim’ had it coming since he was making fun of the director’s girlfriend.”

“It’s possible that the netizen is actually the bully here, and Ahn Gil Ho was just retaliating.”

“If Ahn Gil Ho denies it, I hope the netizen has evidence to back up his claim.”



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