BLACKPINK’s Jennie Continues to Drive Brand Success: Calvin Klein’s Website Crashes Due to Overwhelming Demand

Fans wanted to get their hands on the clothes she was wearing.

When a BLACKPINK member announces a partnership with a brand, the response is always positive, and the brand’s name recognition goes up right away.

The fact that Calvin Klein said Jennie would be their muse again was no different.

The fashion brand gave a sneak peek behind the scenes of the new campaign to get people excited about Jennie‘s return.

After seeing the hot photos that looked like they were from the ’90s, fans went straight to the website. But they had trouble getting their hands on the things very quickly.

Fans said that Calvin Klein‘s website had crashed because of Jennie‘s involvement in the campaign and the brand’s sudden rise to number one in South Korea’s brand rankings.

They told the brand, which took care of the problem right away.

Jennie‘s popularity was shown again by the fact that the new bralette she wore for the photo shoot almost sold out before it was even released.

Fans will always be there for Jennie, even if they have to crash a website to show their support.

It’s clear that Jennie of BLACKPINK has a big effect on the brands she works with. The news that she will be the face of Calvin Klein‘s new ad campaign has once again made the brand more well-known, and fans have shown their excitement by rushing to the website to buy the clothes.

The high number of visitors caused the website to crash, but the company quickly fixed the problem.



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