“Single’s Inferno” Kim Jin Young Asks Lee Nadine’s Mom If They Can Date And Her Response Was Completely Unexpected

Lee Nadine and Kim Jin Young, two of the most popular contestants on “Single’s Inferno 2,” recently sat down together to talk about what it was like to film the show.

Both on the show and in real life, it makes sense that the two paid a lot of attention to their relationship.

Fans of the show loved how well Nadine and Jin Young got along and found it cute when they talked to each other.

Many people even wanted the two to choose each other, which didn’t happen in the end.

But even though they didn’t leave Inferno together, the two said they had become close friends since then.

Still, some fans are still hoping that Nadine and Jin Young could be “end game” after seeing the new YouTube videos.

Even more so because Jin Young seems to want them together more than some viewers do.

One of the most memorable parts of Jin Young and Nadine‘s YouTube project was when Jin Young asked Nadine‘s mother what she thought about the two of them dating.

Jin Young had asked Nadine earlier if she really thought she could have a relationship and study to become a doctor at the same time.

Nadine said it might be hard, but she could do it “if I genuinely like, respect, and love the person.”

Later in the video, Jin Young asked Nadine‘s mother if she would be okay with him dating her daughter.

And Nadine‘s mother didn’t think twice before saying, “I would love that.”

After Jin Young served in the military, Nadine’s mother thinks he must have “discipline” and a “strong mind,” so she would be totally fine with him dating her daughter.

She told Jin Young and Nadine to “figure out the rest,” which made Nadine joke that she was “scared.”

But no matter what the future holds for Nadine and Jin Young, everyone who watches “Single’s Inferno 2” hopes to see the two friends interact more.



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