Netizens Say New Virtual Girl Group MAVE: Have the Visuals That “Big 4” Companies Will Surely Like

MAVE: is a new all-virtual K-pop girl group. Their first single, “Pandora,” came out on January 25.

Even before they came out, the girl group, which is made up of all AI members, caused a stir in many online communities.

Metaverse Entertainment, which is a part of the game company Netmarble, made the girl group. The company has been teasing the girl group like any other entertainment company.

The company released several photos of the girl group along with the music video for their debut single, “Pandora.” Many Korean netizens were impressed by the quality of the computer graphics.

Comments from Netizens:

“The people who made this put their hearts and souls into it.”

“Their bodies look like those of real people, but their faces have been changed.”

“The faces look like a mix of all the well-known girl groups.”

“Their teasers are as good as those made by a big entertainment company.”

“I don’t understand why they have to go through so much.”

“They make products of the highest quality.”

“I heard that they spent a lot of money putting this group together.”

“At first, I thought they were just a copy of aespa, lol.”

“They look both natural and fake at the same time.”

“How are they going to record concerts and shows?”

“They look like they copied all the big company girl groups, lol.”

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