Netizens are swooning over LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chae Won long black hair

Kim Chae Won of LE SSERAFIM recently showed off her new look with long hair, which made fans excited and eager.

Kim Chae Won just told her fans that she now has long hair again, which is what they wanted.

Kim Chae Won has worn a short bob cut since her first show, LE SSERAFIM.

Fans have been hoping to see her with longer hair.

Kim Chae Won gave her fans what they wanted when she shared selfies of her new hairstyle.

After seeing her photos, her fans are thrilled and are hoping that LE SSERAFIM will come back this year with a new album.

Fans said, “She’s going to go around with long hair to promote her next album,” So they’re coming out with a new album in 2023?” and “She suddenly changed her style!”

Also, Kim Chae Won was involved in a crazy dating rumor after a Japanese news outlet said the idol was dating based on photos that a fan had edited.



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