“Player 9” Cho Gue Sung Shows Off His Sexy Side In “Elle” Photos, And No One Was Ready

During the World Cup in Qatar, it seems like the whole world has caught “soccer fever.”

It’s not a surprise that the Korean team has gotten a lot of attention for their skills, personalities, and looks.

But “Player 9,” also known as Cho Gue Sung, was one person who caught the attention of people all over the world who use the Internet.

As soon as netizens heard about Cho Gue Sung, they couldn’t stop praising his looks and performance on the field.

On January 12, a post called “ELLE FEBRUARY ISSUE ‘ELLE MAN’ CHO GUESUNG” about Cho Gue Song became popular.

The person who wrote the post showed a few sneak peeks of Elle’s February cover photos.

When they were posted, netizens couldn’t believe how popular soccer players had become, and they also said that his pictures were truly legendary.

Among the reactions from Netizens:

He really knows how to take good pictures.

Crazy… buying buying

Wow, he looks great!

100 points

I spit out my water, it was so crazy…

Wow, I was falling asleep in the living room, and right away my eyes got big.

I’m going to buy this right now.

The last picture was the best!!!



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