Park Bo Gum Is Living Up To The Celine Global Ambassador Name With New Photos At The VIP Premiere Of “Phantom”

Park Bo Gum shows once again that he and the French luxury brand Celine are a match made in heaven, as news outlets show us stunning pictures of him wearing Celine to the VIP Premiere of the new movie “Phantom.”

With the title “Worldwide Handsome,” the actor’s looks have always made netizens think he is the main character in the movie.

When Park Bo Gum finally made it to the stage, he looked as handsome as ever in a more casual outfit.

When Park Bo Gum arrived and went on stage wearing a “Celine” outfit, the crowd went crazy.

PARK BOGUM IN FULL CELINE TODAY” was the title of a post about Park Bo Gum that went viral on January 12.

The person who wrote the post shared a few photos of Park Bo Gum admiring his outfit and wondering how the high-end brand fits him so well.

In the meantime, other Internet users quickly replied with comments about the post, such as:

He’s just right…

It might be the Celine outfit, but Park Bo Gum looks more badass.

Really good-looking… He suits Celine like a glove. His looks are too nice.

Oppa… ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Oppa…

Even though I didn’t like the way he was dressed today, his face is winning over everything.

Please take some action.

He is so cleanly handsome. I can admit that someone like him is good-looking.

He is a pretty good match for Celine. The clothes are nice, and Park Bo Gum is super hot and handsome.

He is the real Park Celine. His hair and clothes look great on him.

Wow, I’ve never seen Park Bo Gum act like this before, but he sure is cruel.

He’s messing with my heart without reason.

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