Netizens Cannot Hide Their Joy That One “Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Has Left The Island Alone

“They need a lot more than what the island gave them…”

After the first season of Single’s Inferno did well, Netflix came back with a second season and a new group of people looking for love.

Even though the point of the show is to find love, Internet users are glad that one contestant went home alone.

After a few crazy months, the finale finally aired, and the couples were chosen. Some couples, like Kim Se Jun and Lee So E and Joo Young Jae and Choi Seo Eun, were expected.

Fans were even more shocked when Shin Seul Ki chose Choi Jong Woo.

Even though there were many happy couples, the fact that three men chose Seul Ki and two chose Seo Eun meant that some of the most popular contestants had to go home alone.

Kim Han Bin, Park Se Jeong, and especially Lee Nadine were a part of it.

Since her first time on the show, people on the Internet have grown to love Nadine.

Nadine seemed like the perfect contestant, whether it was because of her honest personality, her beautiful looks, or the fact that she goes to Harvard University and studies neuroscience.

She was beautiful and charming, so it wasn’t surprising that men seemed to be interested in her. It could have been Shin Dong Woo

Or Kim Jin Young, it was hard to believe that Nadine wouldn’t find love.

After Kim Jin Young picked Seul Ki on the last episode, Nadine didn’t find love.

Most people were sad when their favorite characters didn’t find love, but Nadine‘s case was different.

Netizens couldn’t hide their happiness that Nadine hadn’t found anyone by the end of the series.

They thought that a woman like Nadine didn’t need a man in her life.

People also joked that Nadine didn’t come on the show to find love, but to get help writing a college paper.

People on social media think that now that Nadine knows everything she needs to know about how people act in love, she can go back to school and finish her work.

Netizens were as surprised as Se Jeong and Han Bin that Nadine had left the island alone.

But with their looks and personalities, it won’t be long before they all find love, even if it’s not on the island.



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