Netizens say they can’t choose between Haerin or Hanni when asked who the “main dancer” of NewJeans is

NewJeans seems to be doing what a lot of K-Pop groups do these days, which is to not give their members any real official jobs.

Fans have guessed what each member’s “unofficial” position is based on what they bring to the songs, but they’re all so talented that it makes sense that they don’t have official roles like main singer, main dancer, etc.

This also means that there is no “main dancer” in the group. And recently, a post on an online forum got people talking about who exactly is NewJeans‘ “main dancer.”

The title of the post, “Netizens debate who is New Jeans’ main dancer?,” brought up the fact that each member of the group can dance very well and that fans might like each of them based on how they look.

The netizen also wrote, “Is Haerin NewJeans‘ main dancer? Haerin seems to be the best dancer, so if she’s not the main dancer, who is?”.

People who commented on the post agreed with the writer, which shows how different people’s tastes are when it comes to looks. But then they also pointed out that NewJeans don’t have “unofficial” position.

Netizens comments included:

“I know they don’t have an official position!! I just want to know more about their main underground dancer.”

“They don’t have an official position.”

“NewJeans has no position.”

“I was thinking it was Hanni.”

“I’ve heard that Haerin can dance the best.”

“I also think Haerin is the best dancer.”

Hanni seems to be the best dancer among the group.”

Haerin and Hanni dance so well”

“I thought Hanni was the best dancer.”

“They have a main dancer!! Hanni

“When they first came out, there was an article about Hanni being the main dancer, but they said they don’t have any position.”

“Isn’t it Hanni?”

“All of the members are good, but Hanni dances the best, in my opinion.”

Hanni can dance well in any style”

“I think it’s Hanni, too.”

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