NewJeans Turns Airport Into Runway With Top Brands Like Louis Vuitton and Gucci On Their Way To Bangkok For Golden Disk Awards

Netizens are talking about the five different outfits from luxury brands that NewJeans wore on the way to Bangkok for the Golden Disc Awards.

Netizens talked about how each NewJeans member wore a different high-end brand at the airport recently on an online community forum. The stylists gave each member his or her own style and charm.

The person who posted it also said, Hanni, Danielle, and Hyein all became official ambassadors. Danielle is a global ambassador, so the other members must soon also become ambassadors, right? “.

Minji in Chanel

Hanni in Gucci (as the ambassador)

Haerin in Dior

Danielle in Burberry

Hyein in Louis Vuitton

Some netizens said in the comments that these members look “a bit too young to pull off this head-to-toe formal wear.” Still, others praised these looks, even though they didn’t like them. Which member looks best in which outfit?

Among the responses:

But I think Minji and Haerin should switch places.

“These don’t look like high-end brands at all… The cordi stinks like hell.”

“Ah Kim Minji is too cute ㅜㅜ “

“They’re supposed to promote their high-end brands, but I don’t think they are..?”

“Look at all of their opponents getting together here, they’re already doing great.”

What are your thoughts?



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