Hyun Bin’s Beautiful Words About His Family Only Proves He’s the Husband We All Ever Wanted

In the Korean entertainment business, it can be hard to find true love. One couple, however, has shown that everyone can have a happy ending.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin quickly became the most popular couple in the K-drama industry after getting close while filming the hit show “Crash Landing on You”.

The couple’s love story was like a fairy tale, so it wasn’t a surprise that their wedding was also magical.

In November 2022, Son Ye Jin gave birth to a baby boy, making their loving family bigger. In December, the actress posted the first photo of their son, whom they called “Alkong.” Her message made people’s hearts melt.

Since the news that she was pregnant, Hyun Bin has always talked about how much he loves his family. Recently, the actor got a lot of attention for his kind words, which made his co-star nervous.

The interviewer asked Hyun Bin and his co-stars in particular what made them a “plus” recently. Even though the question is pretty open-ended, it could be asking what they are most proud of in their lives.

Hwang Jung Min, who was also in “The Point Men“, was up first. He said that his “plus” was his new project. But Hyun Bin‘s answer, “My baby and my wife,” made everyone’s hearts melt.

The interviewer was right to try to get more information out of the actor by asking, “How beautiful is the baby?” This seemed to make Jung Min rethink his answer.

Hyun Bin said some nice things about his family, and Jung Min replied quickly, “I will answer the question again.” It was too late, though, because they had to keep going with the interview.

Fans couldn’t get over how happy Hyun Bin looked when he talked about his family in the clip. Some joked that the difference between the two men’s answers showed how long they had been married.

Jung Min married music theater actress Kim Mi Hye in 2004, while Hyun Bin only got married last year.

Hyun Bin always shows how proud he is of his family, as expected, and Jung Min‘s response to his answer was truly iconic.



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