ITZY‘s Yuna Showcases Her Flawless Figure in Sexiest Low Rise Outfit at the 2022 KBS K-Pop Festival

ITZY‘s Yuna just danced at the 2022 KBS K-Pop Festival to Lee Hyori‘s “U Go Girl.” Everyone was shocked by how well she fit the song and concept.

By wearing a crop top and low-rise jeans, she showed off her small waist and wide hips. Her beauty was top-notch that day, and her bubbly charms helped her stand out.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Koreans call her “Queen Card.” This is a term for the girl who is the most popular at school, and Yuna definitely fits the bill.

That day, everything about her was perfect. Netizens were amazed by how beautiful and fit she was.

“Wow, she has crazy hips.”

“Don’t you think it’s unfair that she has that face and that body?… I’ve never seen anyone pull off low rise [cut] before. She not only pulls it off, but it seems to fit her.”


“Wow, her face and body are both so beautiful. I’m f*cked up with envy.”

“What’s going on with her body?”

“She’s exactly what a hot girl queen card is all about.”

We love a visual queen! Each of her three fancams of the performance has been watched more than 100,000 times.



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