BLACKPINK Rosé Shows The Challenge In Taking Aesthetic Instagram Photos And We Couldn’t Agree More

She reports being “somewhat traumatized.” 🤣

BLACKPINK has just landed in Copenhagen, Denmark for the BORN PINK World Tour’s next stop.

Nevertheless, Rosé has already encountered an unforeseen circumstance!

During her exploration of the city, she wore her finest winter attire and snapped stunning photographs of the landscape.

In one video, her long pea coat, scarf, and beanie keep her warm and fashionable.

Rosé stated “I guess folks here seem to be nice to pigeons!

She makes a nice smile for the camera while posing with pigeons and squats to have a deeper look at the birds.

“It’s a video!” staff exclaimed to Rosé.

However, none anticipated what transpired next!

Staff: “Wow, they’re not fleeing after all.”

Rosé: “Is it delicious? What are you consuming?.

Netizens were left laughing at the clip, but some could not get over Rosé‘s “voice” as she screamed!

According to Rosé, she is “somewhat traumatized.”

Fans are aware that she might be a touch timid at times.

From animals to thunder, the world is full of frightening things for Rosé.

Watch the entire amusing video below.



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