Netizens have a lot to say about Red Velvet’s outfits at the 2022 Genie Music Awards

Last March, Red Velvet came back with another magical concept called “ReVe Festival – Feel My Rhythm“.

Fans and netizens have always been blown away by the beautiful set that was built for Red Velvet‘s “Feel My Rhythm” performance video and even during romotions.

Now that netizens have noticed the girls’ stage outfit, they were seen wearing the same outfits again at the 2022 Genie Music Awards.

Netizens said Red Velvet‘s outfit was always been the most luxurious and best stage outfit they had ever worn.

Other netizens also shared how much they liked Red Velvet‘s outfit and gathered in an online forum to leave their comments, such as:

“For real”

“As expected, big companies are different”

“Wow, they really do look like princesses!”

“Really, this promotion was so pretty”

“It was so pretty that they sparkled so much”

“I feel like Red Velvet‘s Queendom and Feel My Rhythm were really my style.”

“Those outfits must cost a lot, right…? The money is well spent.”

“For real, Feel My Rhythm’s outfits were the most like mine, and they were the prettiest I’d seen so far.”

“Is this where they lived? The red outfits they wore were also very pretty.”

“Even if I didn’t like the outfits, the fact that they came from a big agency makes me feel safe. Even tall Joy doesn’t seem out of place here.”

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