Long and shapely legs, the BLACKPINK members have model-like proportions that make fans swoon

Since their debut performance, the members of BLACKPINK have been getting a lot of attention, and they continue to stand out with their own unique charms and concepts.

Lately, the group’s looks are getting a lot more attention. Since the beginning, the girls have been known for their great looks, but they are getting even more attractive and getting more attention than ever before.

On November 14, a fan posted a bunch of photos of the members and pointed out that all of them have model-like body proportions. The fan pointed out that all the members are tall, skinny, and have long legs.

Other Netizens joined the online community where these photos were shared and liked how these idols looked.

Netizens commented:

“This picture was taken from below at a wide angle. Whenever you take a picture like this, everyone will look like this.”

“Every time I see their silhouettes, I admire them.”

“They have good proportions. Their legs remind me of chopsticks.”

“Really, Lisa… wow…”

Lisa is daebak, Jennie has good proportions and a very slim upper body, Rosé looks like a model, and Jisoo has a nice body. All of the members have nice bodies, so why are you all so angry?”

“I can’t believe how good Lisa‘s body looks”

“I’ve seen BLACKPINK‘s fan art before. Their faces are so pretty and they look like dolls.”

“F*cking pretty”

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