LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha is defended by netizens from double eyelid surgery allegations

Netizens are talking about how some Japanese K-pop idols have changed over the years.

On an online forum forum, a netizen posted a bunch of old photos of K-Pop idols from Japan that were taken before they became famous. The post was called “But many of the Japanese K-pop members had their eyelids done“. Some of these idols were Momo from TWICE, Sana from TWICE, and Kazuha from LE SSERAFIM.

Along with the photos, the netizen who wrote the post wonder “Why do people in Japan hate on some Korean female idols for getting eyelid surgery when many Japanese female idols also get surgery and look very different?“.

The netizen also said that Korean female idols who have double eyelids naturally are often called “Japanese-looking,” while real Japanese stars get surgery.

Netizens said in the comments that they often see Japanese celebrities on Japanese TV who have had double eyelid surgery.

Other reactions include:

“I don’t know about the other idols, but Sana didn’t have anything done to her eyes. During Cheer Up, she was tired in the morning and only had one eyelid, but in the afternoon, she had two again. There is evidence out there”

“I can’t remember what Momo looks like now”.

“I think there are different ideas of what is beautiful. Koreans might think someone is pretty, but Japanese people are more likely to like pretty people with big eyes, so they have double eyelid surgery. I’ve heard that many of their parents take their elementary school-aged kids to get them done.”

“But I don’t believe Kazuha had anything done to her eyes..”

“Maybe Kazuha just made a small change to her eyes.”

“It’s not a crime to get double eyelid surgery”

“Since they are famous, they can also get plastic surgery. The problem is the people who aren’t famous but become obsessed with how they look after seeing those famous people…”

“Doesn’t Kazuha look exactly the same as before?”

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