Netizens choose Karina and Jang Won Young as female idols whose popularity best represent the 4th-generation

Fans of K-pop chose Aespa‘s Karina and IVE‘s Jang Won Young as the best female idols of the fourth generation.

On November 3, a thread started in Nate Pann, a popular online community in Korea, about the two most well-known female idol group members.

The person who started the conversation brought up how popular both idols are and said that Karina and Jang Won Young are among the most popular members and visuals of their respective groups.

Other Netizens participated in the conversation and did agree with the post. They said that the 2 members might get a lot of hate, but they are also the most popular members of the 4th generation of girl groups.

Netizens commented:

“There’s always at least one post about Karina and Jang Won Young, so no one can say they’re not the most popular.”

“It’s so true that they’re the top two because they’re always in the headlines.”

Karina isn’t she the one on top? Jang Won Young is disliked by many.”

Karina does have stunning looks.”

“They are Nate Pann‘s most hated idols, though.”

“I didn’t like Karina before, but now that I see her with Jang Won Young, she’s really pretty lol.”

Karina is the best, in my opinion.”

How do you feel? Are Karina and Jang Won Young the best 4th-generation female idols?



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