YouTuber Song Jia drives fans crazy with a new unique antennae hairstyle

YouTuber Song Jia, got a lot of attention for her unique hairstyle.

On November 6, Song Jia posted several photos to Instagram alongside rabbit and heart-shaped emojis.
Song Jia was wearing a pink tracksuit and earplugs in the photos, and she was in different poses.

On this day, she stood out by wearing her hair in two braids.

Song Jia’s unique dreamy vibe and hairstyle that looked like antennae made her stand out.

Then she got people’s attention by talking about how beautiful she was with her small face, clear features, and fruity makeup. Also, people noticed how thin her shoulders and arms were.

SNS users left comments like “Pink hot girl,” “You’re always cute,” “Are you a fairy?“, “Wow, you’re really cute,” and “You’re pretty even with antennae.”

Song Jia, meanwhile, was on Netflix‘s “Single’s Inferno” last year and became very popular because of how good she looked.

But after she got into trouble for using fake products, she said she was sorry and took some time to think about herself. Song Jia got back to work in June by posting updates on SNS about her daily life.

She recently got a lot of attention when she posted daily photos from a supercar.



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