Netizens think “The Golden Spoon” actor Lee Jong Won has excellent fashion sense

Lee Jong Won‘s fashion sense is currently a hot topic online.

On November 4, the topic of Lee Jong Won‘s style trend on TheQoo‘s online community board under the title, “The Golden Spoon’s Hwang Taeyong Who Has Nice Casual Fashion Sense“. 

The netizen who wrote the post stated, “He’s Hwang Tae Yong from Fri-Sat drama ‘The Golden Spoon‘. Lee Jong Won is a 94’er who is 184cm“.

According to the netizen, the actor’s day-to-day fashion style is charming because he doesn’t try too hard and keeps it comfortable and simple.

The netizen also shared the below examples of Lee Jong Won‘s style.

Netizens commented:

“Wow, he is so cool. Wow, he’s totally my style”

“Oh… He doesn’t look anything like Hwang Tae Yong at all. He’s great”

“Hul, he really knows how to dress well. Totally”

“He looks like that singer? WOODZ?”

“I’ve been watching this guy since before he became an actor, so it’s interesting to see what he’s doing now”

“Wow, his eyes are really big, and he looks like a taller version of Haha. Both are so likable”

“He was born in 1994?! I thought he was younger than me, but it turns out that he’s older than me, which is nice”

“He kinda looks like Haha”

“He looks like Cho Seung Yeon

To be clear, he is not a golden spoon. He played a character in the drama called ‘The Golden Spoon‘”.

What do you think of Lee Jong Won‘s style? 



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